Friday, March 19, 2010

Sales Positions, Unpaid Internships, and 10% unemployment...Oh My!

So I mentioned before that I had an interview this week with a company, which i was pretty excited about. Oh how naive I was.

First let me preface this story by saying that out of nowhere last week i got offered two job interviews within about an hour. When it rains it pours, I guess (fitting since it was pouring on the east coast for about 3 days straight). The first job, which I was basically almost 95% sure that I was going to get, was to be a Bond Analyst for a smaller finance firm. It sounded really cool, but the problem was its meant I had to work about 40+ hours a week, and on top of that be a full time student. Feel free to let that sink in. Ill wait....

Yeah, basically me = no life. I would probably wake up at 7am, commute, get to work, work until 5 (at least) and have class until 9pm, and get home at 10. 5 days a week. Not to mention I would probably have to put in some overtime, and find out how to do homework in the meantime. Oh, and theres the pesky student organization that I am VP of. So, Yeah, that wasnt going to work out. Oh Well.

So then I had this interview for this week. Do you want to know what the interview was for? It was a sales position. Thats right, a sales position. You know, send emails, you pick up phones...which is fine i guess, for a short term type thing, but lets be honest, i didnt want to do that for the rest of my life. "Well, I wouldnt mind a sales position to get a better understanding of the company, as long as it allowed me to, in the long term of course, move into some other field in the company, like maybe finance, which would make better use of my degree. I would love to find a company I could grow with."

Several akward seconds passed by. The guy looked at me like I had run over his puppy.

"Well, the sales people were looking for we would most likely want them to remain in sales."

Thats not what I really was looking for, so the meeting ended, sort of akwardly, and i left the interview, rather confused. Which led me to ask myself, and hopefully some recruiters who frequent this site, the following question...

Why in the &%!% are you trying to hire MBAs for Sales positions?!?!

Are...You...Kidding me? Do you think im getting an MBA so that i can get paid 12$ an hour to pick up a goddamn phone? Really? Really? Its a basic concept people, its called Return on Investment (ROI). Why would i plunk 60,000$+ down on a degree so that I could essentially do what anyone with a high school diploma could do.

Now dont get me wrong, sales people are crucial in any economy (my dad was an excellent salesman), but heres the thing about sales people (especially entry level sales position)...they dont need specialized training! and they certainly dont need an MBA! You are either a sales person or you arent, its not like once you get an MBA, voila!, you can now sell stuff! Any good sales person isnt a good sales person because they took a class in selling, its just something that you happen to be really good at! You ever see the matrix? you know the part where Neo asks the prophet lady if hes "the One?" and she tells him being "the one" is just something you feel and know, you cant be told you are one. THE SAME PRINCIPAL APPLIES WITH SALES PEOPLE!

So that interview sucked, but at least it was a good practice interview. But what kills me is that on top of that, i keep getting sent emails from my career counselor about unpaid internships. Unpaid internship...that just kills me. I wonder if companies do this kind of crap just to see if they can run some kids into the ground for free just for sheer entertainment. I can understand if its a company that im really interested in, but its just hilarious reading these companies begging asking students to join their unpaid internships to get units, free keychains, or whatever other crap they have lying around the office. I expect this type of thing if your fresh out of undergraduate and have a summer to kill, but seriously, some of the people in my MBA program are in their 40's, do you really expect them to spend a summer killing themselves for 2 units of credit? Or get an exciting opportunity to see the exciting world of...being the CFO's assistant assistants assistant?

10% unemployment or not, throw me a frikkin bone here people.

Until next time...


  1. Gotta fake it till you make it. You almost have an MBA and cant find something concrete.. now I question if I should ever go for a business degree. Thoughts?

    ps keep trying!!

  2. Well, its a tough economy overall, especially for MBA's, but if your really genuinly interested in Business, i say go for it! Make sure you realize thought what your interests might be...i just recently realized i really like finance, maybe read a couple of book before applying to see what type of specialization you would like to pursue in your MBA

  3. I am thinking to specialize in Health Care management because I already have an undergrad in Health Sciences. So to have a comprehensive post grad degree and hopefully to one day manage a hospital or HMO. What say ? But from research and talking to professionals in the field, it seems like that if they had a doctor or any other health care professional with an MBA they would pick them to manage rather me. Now, after plugging in almost another 3-4 yrs to make this dream a reality, I dont want someone else to have an advantage over my efforts and time spent in school. What do you think the trend is? any ideas? or you think I am being too paranoid?

  4. Im also doing healthcare management. I say go for it. Although doctors can go into management positions, for the most part, they have no business saavy. Its true. A medical student once told me your either a doctor or a business person, rarely can you be both, and this tends to be true...doctors want to be with patients, not sitting in front of excel doing financials or analyzing costs for healthcare equipment. If you really are set on it do it. I reccomend maybe working at a hospital or in biotech and seeing if you really like the environment.