Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Spring Break! Now Get to Work!

Remember watching "Spring Break" specials on MTV when you were a teenager? Kids dancing on stripper poles, loud music blasting, and shots being poured? Well unfortunately, that sort of spring break is going to have to wait until next year..why? Unlike the quarter system in California, out on the east coast they have the semester system...which means we come back from Spring Break right smack in the middle of papers and midterms. Yikes. So instead of celebrating spring break, im busy with finance projects and papers due next week. Its okay though, im not bitter, ill try to make up for it soon with a trip to Vegas. Nothing like midget strippers and blackjack to lift an overworked MBA students mood...

Then on top of that, right when spring break started, the east coast got a huge rainstorm which lasted 3 days! Thats right, 3 days of rain! What kind of crap is that! "Oh hey welcome to spring, by the way here comes 18 inches of rain?!?" What the hell? I just cant get a weather break here in the northeast...

On the plus side, another reason i cant go on spring break is that I have a job interview this week! Remember how i was bitching complaining last week that i shot off a bunch of resumes in January and heard nothing from the companies? Well now apparently, people are starting to respond to my begging job interview requests, and i finally got an interview! So well see how that goes, hopefully it will be something interesting. Or at least something that will pay my rent...

..which reminds me of something my mom said. I tell her about my job interview, you know what the first thing she said was? "OH are you having money problems dear?". Mom, im in grad school, im poor by default. When I graduate I will be in the hole around $60,000. Yes, i do have money right now, unfortunately, its not MY money. Well i am a taxpayer, so i guess it is my money, to some extent. Wait, so im paying interest to the government on essentially my own money? Those clever bastards...

Until next time...

Edit: I guess I should have a final point in my above rant...The point is, prepare for a large workload when you enter your MBA Program. There is no 9-5 when it comes to being involved in ANY graduate level program, especially for you Ivy League MBA'ers out there... your either "doing work" or "sleeping when you should be doing work".


  1. oh my god, your amazing. your blog is a laughter zone. you should write more often

  2. hey which mba school are you attending?

  3. I would LOVE to tell you all...but unfortunately, i cannot. MBA programs tend to be really uptight when it comes to that type of thing, but also, if i disclose which school I am at, other MBA people at my school will find out, and i cant be as honest as I normally would be, so, your just going to have to be kept in the dark :)

  4. understandable, but it's safe to assume it's one of the Ivy League?