Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some interesting MBA Reading...

Just thought I would share some stuff Ive been reading/watching recently to share with all you Dirt readers...

The Quants - Great book im reading right now. Great for anyone interested in the recent Financial crisis or the history behind the mysterious "Quants" of the stock market world.
Roubini - Dr. Doom Speaks! Double Dipping sauce = bad. Double dipping economy = worse.
GDP/Debt Graph - Interesting article I came across. Looks like the world PPF model is about to collapse...
Frontline PBS, "Breaking the Bank" - I have watched this at least 3 times. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see how the domino's began falling in the financial crisis. Also its streamed online free.
Everyone Loves Raymond - Well, thats just a good show. I just tape it sometimes.

Perfect Lazy Sunday Reading. I would have included the BusinessWeek magazine that was supposed to come in the mail this week, but Amazon has been taking their sweet ass time delivering it, so screw em.

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