Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Break, Part 1

So im on Winter Break from my MBA program and what a vacation...heres a quick recap of it so far.

Week 1 - Started off the vacation with a trip to visit my dads side of the family in a REALLY small town in California. It seems as though small town folk have nothing to do except get pregnant (i dont mean this in a mean way, but really, its true!) I swear i saw 3 new babys running around that werent at the Family Christmas party last year. Oh, and one of my cousins just got out of prison. Nice. If seeing this side of the family doesnt motivate me to get my MBA, I dont know what will.

Week 2 - Went on a snowboarding trip, despite my parents protests of "youll kill yourself!". I thought they were being overly paranoid. I sure showed breaking my arm..sledding. What a lame way to get injured.

Week 3 - After having two weeks of really nothing to do, i have now understood the allure of televised sports. I never used to watch TV, let alone football, but now i LOVE it. Its like playing a sport minus all the "doing stuff" part. You get excited when "your team" scores, even if you pick a team for a seemingly trivial reason ("Oh, i like birds, i guess ill root for the Cardinals!"). Then when your over it you can switch on some quality Jersey Shore.

Up next in Part 2: I fly back into the east coast so that i can freeze my butt off, and my girlfriend suckers me into driving from Miami to Boston.

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