Friday, January 8, 2010

First, an introduction...

Who am I? Why blog about an MBA program? and who cares?

Im just a kid really. Well actually, im 26, but if it helps, i feel that i have the mentality of a 13 year old. Im originally from the west coast, went to a public university, and, after a brief stint in a small company, I, against the will of my parents who were happy with me earning a steady paycheck as a scientist (actually, to be fair, who wants to hear that their kid wants to leave a well paying job to blow $60,000 to go back to school?), applied to an MBA program on the east coast, and got in!

So why blog about it? because, when trying to find REAL information about school MBA programs on the internet, all i got back was, frankly, crap. Every MBA program website you go to has pictures of MBA students playing hackeysack in the quad, or having lattes with their fellow students and professors, everyone in a prozac-like state of happiness. After surviving my first semester in business school however, I can tell you that this is NOT what happens in B-school. There is no hackeysack, no lattes with professors, there are however 8 hour long study sessions, fights among group members, and long winded debates about whether its possible to intravenously inject coffee to get a better caffeine buzz. Im here to tell you what REALLY happens in MBA programs. The joy of getting an A on a midterm, the failure of bombing a group project, the cliques, the here to tell you all about it while I experience it.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy, or at least laugh. Or comment on how much of an idiot I am.


  1. Amazing posts. I am really looking forward to read more. Which school are you attending? Or do you wanna keep that a secret?

  2. Thank you both! unfortunately at this time i cant reveal which school i attend, but it is a highly ranked university on the east coast. Thats all i can say at this time :)

  3. Your blog is HILARIOUS! I hope you have many more entries to come! :P