Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh Noes Greece!

OK, so I know I haven't posted in a while, so lets do an up to speed of my life...

1) Finals are coming up. Sleep deprivation is inevitable in the next couple of days (so expect a lot of rambling on my posts)

2) Trying to do research for a professor. A very highly esteemed professor, which is intimidating to say the least. I assumed that I would be helping him do research of his choosing, and instead he responds, quite casually "So, what do you want to research?". Uhhh....I dont know! your the professor!

3) Figured out im going to Germany for summer to study at the University of Frankfurt! Get this, its to study the euro too! Should be interesting, considering all the instability in the markets recently...

Speaking of which, what is going on today guys?!? The Dow tanks 1000 points in 10 minutes? Well, dont say I didnt warn you! Ok, actually Roubini predicted this was going to happen (see my previous posts) but are we headed towards a double dip recession? Is the Greek debt crisis going to trigger a similar crisis in Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and  Spain, taking the US economy with it? These are certainly interesting times. Hey, at least the euro will be cheap when I go abroad...

Too soon?

What do you guys think, are we headed to a double dip recession?

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  1. Loved your posts. My humble view - we will hit a deflationary spiral and then migrate to crazy inflationary pressures.